Literature that I have read lately and discussed in my recent Literature class has allowed me to explore human experiences and critically analyze each piece of literature. Describing our interpretation of the text and responding to literature is a personal activity that allows us to reflect on experiences within our own life(Clugston, 2014, section 2.1 Writing about what you read). As we progressed through the course the diverse perceptions of my classmates allowed me to consider many different conflicts that arise through our human development.

It is because each of us relate to literature differently that motivate us to write about how the text makes us feel and what emotions are generated through the connection process.

Do you feel  a deeper understanding for conflicts that occur within our society and life? and if so what conflicts do you see that within in your life that literature has helped you navigate?

For me,  I learned that literature has a purpose and responding to literature is a personal process that allows us to interpret the text and join the discussion on its literary meaning.  A discovery that explores the vast human ideologies and helps gain valuable insight about the human condition.

Clugston, R. W. (2014). Journey into literature (2nd ed.) [Electronic version].

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